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Management Snow Control
2013 December Snow Control

A snowy winter is a child's dream. What's more fun than the chance to build snowmen, dominate in snowball fights and of course, relish in the pure joy that is a snow day? Oh, to be young, blissful—and mostly ignorant of the havoc wreaked b…

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Management SuperMen & SuperWomen!
2013 November SuperMen & SuperWomen!

The life of a super is different every day, but it usually goes something like this: arrive at work each morning; check in with security for any possible situations that have come up during the night; review any outstanding work orders and…

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Management All in a Day's Work
2013 August All in a Day's Work

Property management, in the broadest of terms, is defined as the operation, control and oversight of real estate. Most property managers would agree that definition is just a starting point, however. There are many facets to t…

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Management Crowd Control
2013 July Crowd Control

 Out of nowhere, someone is regularly using the parking space you have had for  years. And strangers are appearing regularly in your building’s hallways, though you’re not sure where they belong or if they should even be there. Strangely, …

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Management A Mighty Wind
2013 June A Mighty Wind

 People living on the Gulf Coast and further down the Eastern seaboard have long  accepted hurricanes as a fact of life—one that brings with it torrential rain, howling winds and devastating  hailstorms. New Jersey has been hit with a few …

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Management Staff Management 101
2013 June Staff Management 101

 Management of any property requires a varying degree of resources and skills.  Materials, capital, and personnel are required for everything from ordering  supplies to the complete overseeing of a multi-unit, high rise co-op or  condomini…

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Management That's Criminal!
2013 May That's Criminal!

 Serving on a condo board has its challenges—not least of which is dealing with potentially volatile legal or security  situations. Such scenarios might involve anything from residents with orders of  protection or criminal histories to bu…

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Management Back to School
2013 April Back to School

 With multifamily buildings, who is in charge of the property and how well those  people are trained are critically important factors in the successful operation  of the community. Board members are a part of this management class, which i…

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Management From Truck to Transfer Station
2013 April From Truck to Transfer Station

 We've heard all the New Jersey jokes, and though we might be insulted, we've  probably told some ourselves. From Benjamin Franklin to George Carlin, New  Jersey has been the on the receiving end of such questions as, “Why does New Jersey …

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Management Artful Dodger
2013 April Artful Dodger

 The signs “Post No Bills,” “Active Driveway” and “Alternate Side Parking” are all fairly common and relatively self-explanatory in urban settings. Other equally common signs we see in suburban communities throughout the U.S.  related to p…

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