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Law & Legislation Avoiding Litigation
2015 June Avoiding Litigation

With dozens—and sometimes hundreds—of people living in a community governed by neighbors, acquaintances and friends, it should be no surprise that disputes occur in condo buildings from time to time. The possibility of disagreements …

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Law & Legislation Reducing Risks
2015 June Reducing Risks

For co-ops, condos, and HOAs, insurance premiums are some of those quiet necessities that tend to fly under the budgetary radar until it is time to examine the bottom line, provoking a search for savings. Without a doubt, insurance e…

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Law & Legislation Big Buildings, Big Boards
2015 June Big Buildings, Big Boards

The skyline is changing. For once, however, this statement is not regarding Manhattan’s. Indeed, to the west, North Jersey experiences its own transformation. Commuters have long fueled the real estate growth of places like Jersey Ci…

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Law & Legislation New Jersey 2015 Legislative Update
2015 June New Jersey 2015 Legislative Update

The second half of the 2014-2015 legislative session in Trenton is underway, and—as always—housing is on the agenda, with a large number of housing-related bills up for consideration. Some are directly targeted at the state’s condos …

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Law & Legislation Bad Apples
2015 April Bad Apples

On most occasions, HOAs and condo communities in New Jersey are not—as some would say—party central. Indeed, the wild, frenetic energy found in East Coast urban centers like Philadelphia and New York City is lacking. The generally quiet li…

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Law & Legislation No Doubts After Dublirer
2015 February No Doubts After Dublirer

Any good American citizen will likely say that they have always had a right to freedom of speech, probably since birth. It seems almost unfathomable that one would have relinquished freedom of speech along with a deposit check in exchange …

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Law & Legislation Legal Tales from the Garden State
2014 June Legal Tales from the Garden State

You can’t turn on the television these days without seeing another show devoted to the legal genre—be it “The Good Wife,” “Suits,” “Franklin & Bash” or the many incarnations of “Law & Order.” These shows rely not just on great charac…

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Law & Legislation Avoiding Lawsuits
2014 June Avoiding Lawsuits

I Love Lucy is one of the most beloved sitcoms in all of television history. In one episode, after Little Ricky is born, the baby is screaming and screaming, keeping awake the next door tenant, Mrs. Trumbull. Mrs. Trumbull complains to lan…

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Law & Legislation Vetting Contracts Before You Sign
2014 June Vetting Contracts Before You Sign

Few things can raise one's blood pressure like signing a big contract. That can be especially true for board members or managers signing sometimes mammoth contracts on behalf of a co-op or condo association, obligating their neighbors, fri…

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