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Law & Legislation So You've Been Sued — Now What?
2013 June So You've Been Sued — Now What?

 Lawsuits are usually not an association’s go-to method for dispute resolution. Expensive and time-consuming, they can  quickly turn into a financial burden and may create strained relations in the  community. Unfortunately, in some cases …

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Law & Legislation Listen Up!
2013 June Listen Up!

 While some condos and co-ops are lucky enough to have lawyers serve as members  of their board, the majority of boards don’t have an in-house legal expert. They often reach out to their attorney to  answer questions, vet documents and sen…

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Law & Legislation 2013 Legislative Update
2013 June 2013 Legislative Update

 The 2013 legislative session in Trenton is underway. As always, each session in  the Senate and the Assembly includes bills that relate to housing, including  some that impact the state’s condo developments and HOAs as well as a relativel…

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Law & Legislation Superstorm Sandy Update
2013 June Superstorm Sandy Update

 While the spirits of New Jersey residents remain resilient, the lingering impact  of Superstorm Sandy—the fiercest weather event to hit the East Coast in recent history—is still being felt acutely by the Garden State. Sandy left a path of…

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Law & Legislation Laws vs. Rules
2013 May Laws vs. Rules

 We’re only human—no matter how harmonious and tight-knit a community may be, differences and  disputes are bound to happen from time to time. That’s why laws and rules are in place. But, the federalist system of government we  use in this…

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Law & Legislation Is It Time To Prohibit Smoking?
2012 September Is It Time To Prohibit Smoking?

 There is little or no question that secondhand smoke is a carcinogen which poses  a serious cancer risk and can cause other health problems to persons who are  exposed to it. Indeed the 2010 U.S. Surgeon General’s report states unequivoca…

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Law & Legislation The Mazdabrook Decision
2012 August The Mazdabrook Decision

 “In New Jersey, an individual’s affirmative right to speak freely is protected not only from abridgement by  government, but also from unreasonably restrictive and oppressive conduct by  private entities in certain situations.” New Jersey…

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Law & Legislation Working Towards a Resolution
2012 June Working Towards a Resolution

 Sometimes in the heat of the moment, when disagreements are at their worst, the  possibility of solving a problem without going to court seems remote at best.  Arguments may have been brewing for days or weeks with each side becoming more…

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Law & Legislation Legal Legends
2012 June Legal Legends

 Attorneys who represent co-ops, condos and HOAs in the Garden State often have  to litigate cases that have evolved from unforeseen circumstances; they  understand the legal boundaries that people in multifamily communities  sometimes tre…

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Law & Legislation Suit Happens
2012 June Suit Happens

Take a moment and imagine your family or circle of friends: each person with his or her unique personality, attitude, experience and background. In a co-op building or condo association, hundreds of people live together, sharing common …

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