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Law & Legislation Advocating for Residents
2018 June Advocating for Residents

Successfully running a condominium, cooperative, or homeowners’ association is no small task. A board and/or management must consider the interests of its residents when making sweeping decisions to benefit the property and those who call i…

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Law & Legislation Alternative Dispute Resolution
2018 June Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lawsuits are both expensive and time consuming. It might be said that the only real winners in a civil suit are the lawyers. They get paid by the hour, and often in  cases of negligence, they receive a substantial portion of the award or se…

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Law & Legislation Responding to a Lawsuit
2018 June Responding to a Lawsuit

In today’s litigious society, lawsuits are an unpleasant fact of life. Everyone has a gripe – and that gripe can often result in legal action. The questions are: how is your cooperative corporation, condominium association, or HOA protected…

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Law & Legislation New Election  Requirements
2017 October New Election Requirements

A push for fair and democratic board elections in New Jersey got a major boost this past July when Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation that would codify a fair process for electing board members. The passage of the law also signals to al…

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Law & Legislation When You Don’t Want to Go to Court
2017 June When You Don’t Want to Go to Court

Murphy’s Law says, “Whatever can go wrong, will,” and as we all know, stuff happens. When it does, no matter what the specifics of a situation might be, we generally don’t want to end up in court; it’s time consuming, expensive, and has a w…

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Law & Legislation The State of Smoking
2017 June The State of Smoking

While the exhortation to “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” has never really gone out of style, one should take caution before lighting up just anywhere. Many places, from restaurants to airplanes to hospitals, expressly and strictly forbid anyone …

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Law & Legislation Resident Rights
2017 June Resident Rights

Whether as a member of a cooperative or a condominium association, a shareholder or unit owner maintains certain rights within their chosen community. However, achieving harmony among neighbors isn’t always easy. Rights aside, residents are…

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Law & Legislation Liability & the Law
2017 June Liability & the Law

It’s no secret that insurance is a necessity for any building or association. Nevertheless, the expense of coverage means that issues of liability and risk are all too often examined only after problems have occurred. Usually, insurance hol…

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Law & Legislation Issues That Cross State Lines
2017 June Issues That Cross State Lines

When it comes to legislation and legal issues that apply to condo associations, co-ops, and other multifamily housing models, the focus is often local; city ordinances, council meetings, and so forth – but there are judgments handed down an…

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Law & Legislation Superstorm Sandy
2017 April Superstorm Sandy

Almost five years have passed since Superstorm Sandy slammed the East Coast and caused major havoc and destruction, reportedly resulting in 117 deaths and an estimated $65 billion in damages. For many affected people in New York and New Jer…

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