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Law & Legislation Building Bylaws
2004 Jun Building Bylaws

Laying down the law in your building or association doesn't have to be a painful process. When it comes to creating house or community rules, careful planning and a healthy dose of common sense can make the process smooth, leading to hap…

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Law & Legislation Talking Points in Trenton
2004 Jun Talking Points in Trenton

Bills about pets, lead paint abatement and property tax reform are among the items currently being debated by the New Jersey Legislature that could affect the operations of condo boards and homeowner associations throughout the Garden St…

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Law & Legislation General Legal Counsel
2004 Jun General Legal Counsel

Every community association has a legal advisor. Next to the managing agent, this person is perhaps the most important professional that the board of directors and members interact with. Apart from going over day-to-day documents, forms,…

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Law & Legislation Satellite Dish Antennas
2004 May Satellite Dish Antennas

If you live in, manage, otherwise work for, or even regularly drive by a residential cooperative or condominium building, chances are you're familiar with Section 207 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Section 207 is the law tha…

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Law & Legislation Pride & Property
Pride & Property

Q: I am in a same-sex marriage, and bought a co-op with my partner before marriage equality became the law of the land. I recently reached out to our board about adding my partner’s name to the stock certificate. It’s a very gay-friendly bo…

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Law & Legislation Smoke Gets in Your Eyes:
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes:

With more and more states legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes, co-op and condo boards and management are faced with yet another quality-of-life issue; conflict between those who are happy to finally be able to us…

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