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Communications Protecting Your HOA from Identity Theft
2005 Feb Protecting Your HOA from Identity Theft

According to recent surveys, there are approximately seven to 10 million victims of identity theft per year in the United States alone. Criminals use a variety of methods, including stealing Social Security numbers, driver's license numb…

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Communications Instant Access
2005 Feb Instant Access

If this article had been written several decades ago, Jane Herbert's job as regional director of Wentworth Property Management would look something like this: Type up monthly newsletter or management report; Go to copy center: Copy and d…

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Communications HOAs and High-Tech Wizardry
2005 Feb HOAs and High-Tech Wizardry

It wasn't so long ago that a web was something a spider made and a satellite was something that floated in the air and few of us understood. Today, people are not only used to technology tools like Internet access and satellite tele…

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