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Board Operations Organizing HOA Committees
2005 Jan Organizing HOA Committees

It takes a lot to run a successful building—there are employees to hire, services to contract, boards to elect, new residents to review, general technical maintenance to take care of, and all the rest on that ever-present "to do" list with …

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Board Operations The Impact of Contractor Liability
2004 Nov The Impact of Contractor Liability

We all know that accidents happen, but in today's litigious environment, an accident or injury occurring on the grounds of your condo or townhouse community can lead to thousands of dollars in legal fees, court costs, and potential judgm…

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Board Operations A Look at Municipal Reimbursement
2004 Oct A Look at Municipal Reimbursement

Double taxation is a term often referred to by residents of private communities to describe having to pay property taxes to their town in addition to the monthly maintenance fees they pay to their community association for services like …

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Board Operations Associations' Top Complaints
2004 Oct Associations' Top Complaints

Homeowners move into a community association for a variety of reasons. Some people seek carefree, maintenance-free living, where all responsibility for home care, recreation, or community activities is handled efficiently and promptly by…

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Board Operations Owners' Rights vs. Condo Rules
2004 Oct Owners' Rights vs. Condo Rules

New condo owners get a lot of papers and documents during the purchasing process, and among the most important they receive are the community's Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R), the bylaws, administrative guideline…

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Board Operations Tips for Smooth, Productive Meetings
2004 Oct Tips for Smooth, Productive Meetings

Condominium associations, homeowners association (HOA), and co-op boards generally hold regular board meetings to get input from residents, resolve problems within the community, develop budgets for the upcoming year and handle any issue…

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Board Operations Controlling Nuisance Animals
2004 Sep Controlling Nuisance Animals

For most New Jersey residents, autumn is the idyllic season for taking long strolls and watching leaves erupt with vibrant colors. For wildlife, however, it's the best time to rummage for food, seek out winter housing and set up breeding…

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Board Operations The Value of Loss Assessment Coverage
2004 Aug The Value of Loss Assessment Coverage

I just attended my monthly association meeting where our board advised our members that our homeowners association had just been hit with a $1,500,000 judgment resulting from a skateboarding accident in our association-owned parking lot.…

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Board Operations Architecture and Design Committees
2004 Aug Architecture and Design Committees

Part and parcel of living in a managed community or homeowners association is abiding by certain guidelines regulating what one can or cannot do to the exterior of their property. Nearly all HOAs have rules and regulations regarding neig…

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Board Operations Home Inspectors and Home Inspections
2004 Jun Home Inspectors and Home Inspections

In the 1940s comedy, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House,a wealthy ad executive played by Cary Grant hires a famous bridge and tunnel engineer to look over his new house in the country; as it turns out, the "dream house" is more trouble…

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