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Board Operations Managing Alterations and Renovations
2007 Jan Managing Alterations and Renovations

Let's say the guy down the street is a sucker for all things medieval. On weekends, he dresses up in armor and whacks other armored men with clubs. Sometimes he even jousts. You get the idea. Now let's say this same fellow wants his…

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Board Operations Adventures in Management
2007 Jan Adventures in Management

The incident started out ordinarily enough—a property manager had to tow an improperly parked vehicle from his association's grounds. The tow truck driver pulled up to the car and began to chain it up, but before he could complete the job, …

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Board Operations Winter Worries
2006 Dec Winter Worries

Homeowners association and co-op/condo buildings have their work cut out for them when winter arrives; residents may slip and fall on icy sidewalks, roofs can leak, and recreational amenities need looking after. Some of these things can …

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Board Operations Dealing with HOA Noise Complaints
2006 Nov Dealing with HOA Noise Complaints

A community association's board has multiple duties—among them deciding when to make repairs, improvements, and additions, and establishing rules and regulations to control aesthetics and unwelcome behavior. Nine times out of ten, repair…

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Board Operations Dealing With Objectionable Residents
2006 Nov Dealing With Objectionable Residents

The everyday problems in homeowners associations are usually pretty cut-and-dried. Most of the time, disputes between neighbors, or between residents and the board, can be filed under a few headings. Noise, whether issued from refrigerat…

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Board Operations Vendor Relations
2006 Oct Vendor Relations

They are the ones who maintain elevators, lay traps for rodents, re-tar the roof, mow the lawn, and rewire the lights in the association clubhouse. If a water main bursts, they repair the leak. You can find them under the boilers, in the fl…

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Board Operations The Ups and Downs of Board Presidency
2006 Oct The Ups and Downs of Board Presidency

It's a job that eats away at your free time, often results in you being bothered in your home after-hours and on weekends, and to top it off, doesn't pay one red cent. In fact, add up expenses like phone calls and gas, and you might even…

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