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Management Emergency preparedness instructions for safety: make a plan, build a kit and stay informed
2023 Expo Emergency Preparedness

They say you can always count on death and taxes, but there’s another not-so-pleasant inevitability that should probably be added to that old axiom: emergencies. And while some may be relatively minor—a fallen branch on an electrical wire, …

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Finance Image illustration of cost cut
2023 Expo Cost-Cutting for Multifamily Communities

With inflation and supply chain disruptions dominating much of the news these days, multifamily boards and managers are feeling the squeeze, whether in the form of rising prices for necessary supplies, or lack of those supplies altogether, …

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Management People group toasting latte at coffee bar rooftop - Friends talking and having fun together at cappuccino restaurant - Life style concept with happy men and women at cafe terrace - Bright warm filter
2023 Expo Promoting Social Interaction in Your Community

Spring is in the air, and with New Jersey finally seeing warmer temperatures, people are heading outside for walks, sports, reading a good book, and maybe even some friendly interaction with their neighbors. And let’s face it, after a few y…

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Design Entrance area in office building
2023 Expo Functional Design for Common Spaces

Like people, buildings come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from single-story garden apartments to multi-story high-rise complexes larger than many small towns. What they have in common is some amount of community space, known as co…

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Design Meeting area in a modern creative coworking office space with couch, sofa, bar stools, leaner tables, carpet. No people, modern building interior. Photographed in Auckland, New Zealand, NZ.
2023 Expo Pandemic Design

It’s become a mantra (or maybe a cliche): The Pandemic Changed Everything. The way we work, the way we play—the way we live. While the health crisis may be waning, it’s likely that many of these changes will be permanent. The pandemic has a…

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Security Electric bike, electro bicycle icon
Lithium-Ion Batteries

Anyone watching the news lately knows that rechargeable lithium-ion batteries - the kind that power e-bikes and scooters, but also electric cars, laptop computers, cell phones, vape pens, and many other common devices - have become a real d…

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Insurance Wooden houses with yellow arrows up. housing boom, property market growing, high demand for real estate, house prices rising concept
Insurance Premiums Skyrocket

Inflation has hit the insurance building insurance industry in a big way.  And according to a recent survey conducted by the Foundation for Community Association Research (FCAR), skyrocketing premiums are putting serious financial pre…

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Management Businessman moving hands of clock, meeting deadline. Team of tiny efficient business people working flat vector illustration. Time management concept for banner, website design or landing web page
Trends in Shared Community Management

Successive waves of transformation have swept across the property management industry over the last few years - and while many of these changes can be directly attributed to the pandemic, others seem to come from every direction. These wave…

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