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Maintenance Roof Replacement 101
2024 May Roof Replacement 101

Nothing lasts forever, not even your roof. While roofs have a relatively long life compared to other building systems and components, at some point they will need either partial or full replacement. Here are the facts and factors you and yo…

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Design Portrait Of Mature Postman Putting Letters In Mailbox
2024 Spring Mailboxes & Package Rooms

Among the more mundane - yet vitally important - amenities in nearly every multifamily community is its mailbox and package delivery system. With the massive increase in deliveries in the Amazon Era, and especially post-pandemic, the design…

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Maintenance Roofing felt. Roofer working. Roofer working tool. Waterproofing
2024 Spring Waterproofing Your Building Envelope

With severe weather events becoming ever more common—and more intense—waterproofing your building’s envelope against rain, wind, snow, and ice is a growing concern. To counter the effects of climate change on buildings both old and new, our…

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Management Wrench in hand repair and service sign. Tool for repair and maintenance
2024 Spring That’s Super

At the heart of every shared interest community is the person who makes it run.  That person is known by many names: superintendent (or just ‘super’), building engineer, resident manager, community manager. Their duties and responsibilities…

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Management People pick up jobs.Resume review, recruitment, employee search, HR, headhunting.Flat abstract vector illustration.
2024 Winter Management Contracts

Along with competent, engaged leadership, good management is fundamental to the successful operation of any shared interest community—and the basis of good management is in large part spelled out in the contract between the community and it…

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Management Senior man lighting up a joint with a gray lighter isolated on white background
2024 Winter The Cannabis Question

With cannabis use becoming increasingly normalized (as of 2023, 38 states permit medical marijuana use and 23 permit both medical and recreational consumption), co-op and condo administrators are faced with yet another quality-of-life issue…

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Management Work/Life Balance  for Managers
2024 Winter Work/Life Balance for Managers

The data is in: striking a balance between our personal and professional lives is a key component of happiness and general wellbeing. But how does one do that when one’s job is potentially a 24/7 situation? Take multifamily residential man…

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Design Interior of modern beige armchair, small wooden modern table, planter with green bushes, and contemporary tall glass chandelier, in a hall with decorated wood cladding wall, and white marble floor
Grey is Gone in '24

A new year always comes with reports of new trends in everything, be it fashion, food…or lobby and common area design in residential communities. Furnishings and design, like clothes, are the subject of style and vogue that morph and change…

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Finance Coin with arrows concept for funds transfer
Don't Bet on Flip Taxes

As 2023 draws to a close, the New York metro’s co-op and condominium communities are feeling the consequences of a long, slow, persistent market decline brought on by the pandemic, rising interest rates, and inflation. That decline has mean…

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