2015 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

Maintenance Exterior Inspections
2015 March Exterior Inspections

When it comes to keeping the exterior surfaces of a co-op, condo or HOA well-maintained and free of any potentially dangerous structural issues, it’s up to the management company and board to take steps to insure the safety of residents an…

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Maintenance A Clear View
2015 March A Clear View

Windows can transform any space. They can turn a tiny kitchen into a front row seat to a glorious sunset; or make an upstairs bedroom a perfect perch for an ocean view. Windows bring both life and light to a home, meaning a great deal of t…

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Maintenance Caring for Paved Surfaces
2015 March Caring for Paved Surfaces

The pavement you walk and drive upon daily is easy to take for granted—but it's a major part of your condo or HOA's infrastructure. Understanding the materials and methods involved in installing and maintaining a multifamily community's pa…

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Maintenance Stay Dry
2015 March Stay Dry

Few sounds are as bone-chilling as an ominous and unexpected series of drips in the twilight hours, the eerily melodic tone of water trickling in through a window, the ceiling or any other part of one’s condominium that was designed to rem…

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Real Estate Trends Dealing With New Jersey's Sinkholes
2015 March Dealing With New Jersey's Sinkholes

It's a nightmare scenario; you're at home—maybe even sound asleep in your bed—or perhaps just walking down the street, and all of a sudden, the ground beneath you literally opens up, swallowing homes, cars, trees and even people into a mud…

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Maintenance Spring Cleaning: A Post-Winter Plan
2015 March Spring Cleaning: A Post-Winter Plan

It’s not easy being a co-op or condo building in New Jersey in winter. Freezing rain and wind beat relentlessly at the façade. Snow accumulates on the roof, turns to ice, and when it thaws, seeps into units below. Systems in the building w…

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Q&A Q&A: Dog Day Afternoon (and Night)
2015 March Q&A: Dog Day Afternoon (and Night)

Q I live in a small (no pets) condominium in New Jersey. Recently one of the owners acquired an emotional support dog. Unfortunately, I live directly beneath the unit, and I hear barking and jumping almost constantly. The managing agent s…

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Q&A Q&A: Who’s At Fault for Damaged Walkway?
2015 March Q&A: Who’s At Fault for Damaged Walkway?

After last winter, a concrete walkway in our condo property was completely ruined. Several unit owners contend that the property manager used rock salt instead of the usual calcium chloride. If we can establish that rock salt was indeed use…

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