2010 Jan
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

Management Make My Day
2010 Jan Make My Day

There’s a scene in the classic film Dirty Harry in which the eponymous detective, played iconically by Clint Eastwood, is called off the main case in order to stop a would-be suicide from jumping from a tall building. After this succes…

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Management I Said Order!
2010 Jan I Said Order!

 Ever feel like your board meetings last longer than Wagner's Ring Cycle operas?  They certainly don’t last nine hours, but even three hours can be a long time to sit in a chair,  especially when the score doesn’t include the Flight of the…

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Management To Be Managed - or Self-Managed?
2010 Jan To Be Managed - or Self-Managed?

 While the majority of condo and HOA communities in New Jersey hire professional  management firms to handle their day-to-day operations, many others choose to  go the self-managed route, which can include hiring on-site staff or having  r…

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Management Distress Signals
2010 Jan Distress Signals

 When realtor Sean Carroll went out looking at homes with a prospective buyer not  so many months ago, it didn't take long to find a property that fit exactly  what the buyer was looking for. When Carroll put his client's offer in however,…

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Management Boom Busted
2010 Jan Boom Busted

 From 2002 to 2007 and beyond, condo construction in New Jersey reached heights  never seen before. Much of it was in the “Gold Coast,” in towns like Hoboken and Jersey City and up into Bergen County. Indeed, a New  York Times article by A…

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Management Building Back Up
2010 Jan Building Back Up

 In early 2009 at the urging of President Barack Obama, Congress passed the  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) with a view toward easing the  blow dealt to the economy by what some are calling the Great Recession. The  ARRA had…

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Q&A Q&A: Appropriate Fine Schedules
2010 Jan Q&A: Appropriate Fine Schedules

Q What is an appropriate fine schedule? Although we have had fine schedules, someone (new board members, residents, new managers) always seems to begin a debate on this topic which leaves the board in a quandary and not knowing exact…

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Q&A Q&A: Reasonable Accommodations?
2010 Jan Q&A: Reasonable Accommodations?

Q A residential tenant needs to have a chair rail installed so she can access her second floor apartment in our condo building, built in the 1950's. Who pays for the chair rail and the installation, the tenant or the condo associatio…

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