2010 December
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security Looking Back... and Forward
2010 December Looking Back... and Forward

The last couple of years have been tempestuous for everyone involved in the real estate industry, and the New Jersey market is certainly no exception. 2010 has been a wild year for real estate across the country, and industry experts say…

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Security Avoiding Common Security Mistakes
2010 December Avoiding Common Security Mistakes

Regardless of whether you live in a densely populated urban area or a more suburban community, security is something most homeowners are concerned about—even if they're not sure how to best secure their own property. Most people know how…

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Security Get Out, Get Safe
2010 December Get Out, Get Safe

Just this past September, a tornado hit Park Slope, Central Brooklyn and parts of Queens in New York City, doing substantial damage in a few short minutes. This same squall also spawned tornadoes in parts of Ocean County and Perth Amboy.…

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Security Be Prepared
2010 December Be Prepared

Whether a building or association is located in a bustling urban environment or in a quiet leafy suburb, safety and security are always toward the top of residents' list of concerns. For HOAs, townhome and condo communities, addressing…

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Security Keeping it all Inside
2010 December Keeping it all Inside

Green is the new buzzword in our society but not everyone is as energy-conscious as they should be. Although many residents leap at the chance to save money and conserve energy, apathy and resistance to change are major obstacles for ma…

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Security Snow, Ice, Wind & Salt
2010 December Snow, Ice, Wind & Salt

Upon appearance, concrete may seem like a very dense material. However, in reality, it is like a sponge. It can and does absorb water. This can be easily observed on a summer day. Pouring water on a sidewalk, you may actually observe the…

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Q&A Q&A: Buying Without a Warranty
2010 December Q&A: Buying Without a Warranty

Q I am buying a condo, the developer wants me to waive the implied warranty of habitability? Is this normal? His reason is that they have rehabbed the building and didn't build it from scratch. Should I be concerned? —Prospec…

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