2009 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Lawncare

Landscaping Keeping Green, Saving Green
2009 April Keeping Green, Saving Green

These days, nearly everybody is looking for ways to save money. Like many families, some community associations are now dealing with the consequences of not having been thrifty in the past, and searching for ways to pare back their bot…

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Landscaping Asian Longhorned Beetles Threaten HOA Trees
2009 April Asian Longhorned Beetles Threaten HOA Trees

It’s like something from a horror movie: a six-legged invader arrives in New York, stowed away in wooden shipping crates from Mainland China. Once ashore, the creatures fan out, looking for food. The beast has no natural predators here,…

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Landscaping Functional Landscaping
2009 April Functional Landscaping

In the realms of resource management and environmental concerns, coal, oil, and carbon dioxide get a lot of press—yet water is one of our most precious, most wasted, and least talked about commodities. One of the biggest culprits when i…

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Landscaping Unbundled Property Rights
2009 April Unbundled Property Rights

There are only two kinds of unit owners in any given condominium: those who live there and those who do not. Resident owners often take measures to tax absentee owners with additional fees, or establish policies to diminish landlord own…

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Landscaping The Softer Side of Hardscaping
2009 April The Softer Side of Hardscaping

 While it’s not a word listed with Merriam-Webster, hardscaping is as critical to outdoor  aesthetics and function as its softer and more oft-mentioned cousin,  landscaping. Whereas the latter deals with appropriate weaving and placement o…

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Q&A Q&A: ADA-Compliant?
2009 April Q&A: ADA-Compliant?

Q Our co-op building, built in the early 1960’s, has a big open roof, accessible only by staircase. We want to add a removable, elevated deck, plants, and furniture to the roof. We have met with an elevator company to see if a platfo…

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Q&A Q&A: Alarmed Door Alarms Shareholders
2009 April Q&A: Alarmed Door Alarms Shareholders

Q I am a shareholder in a co-op building. The building has a main entrance and a service entrance. Management, without any notice to the tenants, decided to put an alarm on the service entrance door, and they changed the lock so we ca…

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