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Insurance Contractor Coverage & Liability
2013 August Contractor Coverage & Liability

All professional contractors and service providers are required by law to carry insurance to cover their activities. Any condo building should also carry its own insurance to cover accidents or other incidents on the property—this could…

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Insurance Insuring Honesty and Integrity
2013 August Insuring Honesty and Integrity

When you decide to run for a board, you’re usually thinking about all the great changes you’re going to make to your building community, along with all the time and effort that you’re prepared to sacrifice for the good of your home. …

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Insurance How Much is Enough?
2012 September How Much is Enough?

 Legendary funny man Benny Goodman once said, “I don’t want to tell you how much insurance I carry with the Prudential, but all I can  say is: when I go, they go too!” The comedian hits on all-important issue: how much insurance is too muc…

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Insurance Rookies No More
2012 August Rookies No More

 Remember your first day at a new school? Most likely, you didn’t know a soul, had no idea what the students were learning and you probably felt  nervous, intimidated or maybe even afraid. In most cases, this is what it’s like to be a new …

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Insurance Mind the Gap
2012 August Mind the Gap

 Insurance is designed to be there for us when we need it most. Without knowing  the full extent of our coverage, though, we may find ourselves with less  protection than we thought. For condominium owners, it is imperative to  understand …

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Insurance Insurance Fraud!
2012 August Insurance Fraud!

Last year in New Jersey, a former property manager in Freehold Township was accused of embezzling $75,000 from homeowner dues. In a separate case, a woman, her husband and mother were charged with theft from an Aberdeen condo associatio…

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Insurance The Insurance Puzzle
2012 May The Insurance Puzzle

Insurance is a relatively simple concept that any homeowner can understand. You purchase a policy paying a premium to an insurer, and when a claim gets filed, the insurer pays. So in theory, insuring your co-op, condo or HOA should be v…

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Insurance NAMIC
2011 August NAMIC

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies is the largest and most diverse national property/casualty insurance trade and political advocacy association in the United States. “We are a full-service trade associatio…

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Insurance Training Day
2011 August Training Day

 Co-ops and condos function thanks to the dedication of board members who  volunteer their time and expertise to make sure their building or HOA is  efficiently run and that their investment is protected. Ideally, new board  members might …

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