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Board Operations Time Management for Managers
2016 October Time Management for Managers

It’s often tough to get co-op, condo, and HOA residents interested in joining their building or association’s board. No one wants to work a second job if they don’t have to—especially one that doesn’t pay—but regardless, there’s important w…

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Board Operations Choosing an Attorney
2016 June Choosing an Attorney

Not every condominium or homeowners’ association is going to run afoul of the law—the happy truth is that litigation and legal trouble are relatively rare occurrences. However, even the most upstanding board in New Jersey must navigate a la…

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Board Operations Following House Rules
2016 May Following House Rules

Taste is subjective. Luckily your board’s design rules and guidelines aren’t. From gaudy exterior paint colors, to improperly mounted flagpoles, to Clark Griswold-esque holiday light displays, the exterior design choices of individual unit …

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Board Operations Location, Location, Location
2016 April Location, Location, Location

Though the real estate crisis didn't rattle the tri-state area to nearly the degree that it did other markets around the country, construction still stalled on many new developments during the recent recession. It’s not only location or the…

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Board Operations Architects and Engineers
2016 April Architects and Engineers

The only constant in life is change—as they say—and that’s especially true for those living in New Jersey, where no community stays the same for long. Indeed, here in the Garden State, renovations are taking place, new capital improvements …

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Board Operations To Choose or Not to Choose
2016 April To Choose or Not to Choose

Running the day-to-day business of a co-op, condo or HOA of any size—be it a self-contained high-rise in Fort Lee or Jersey City or a sprawling, multi-building community in Sparta—requires not just a functional board, but a team of competen…

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Board Operations Co-ops Around the Globe
2016 February Co-ops Around the Globe

It’s cheaper for two families to pool resources and share a house than for the same two families to buy two houses. This underlying concept has been around since people starting building houses. As a report by the National Cooperative Law C…

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Board Operations Board Transparency
2016 February Board Transparency

One of the biggest political buzzwords of the past 10 years or so is 'transparency.' Transparency in meetings of elected bodies in local and state governments, transparency in the proceedings of both public and private organizations, such a…

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Board Operations Managing Building Staff
2016 February Managing Building Staff

Your co-op, condo or HOA building may be your home, but to many others, it's a workplace. Whether they’re managing a small, tight-knit walk-up building in Jersey City or a sprawling condo development in Fort Lee, property managers handle a …

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Board Operations Training New Board Members
2016 February Training New Board Members

A condominium or homeowners association is the cornerstone of a building community.  The condo or HOA maintains order and continuity by preserving architectural integrity, maintaining the common elements, protecting property values, and oft…

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