Spring Cleaning Sprucing Up Your Community

Thank goodness spring is just around the corner – even if winter isn’t the same brutal, icy season it used to be, it’s still a welcome relief when the clouds part, temperatures rise, and leaves and buds begin to appear outdoors. Nice as the changes are however, with them comes the need to give building interiors and exteriors a thorough cleaning. Think about all the residents and guests who have dragged the snow, salt and grit through your lobby and other common areas on their shoes, or hauled it in on the wheels of their luggage or baby strollers. Then there is the plow service that just might have torn up the grass a bit when they moved the snow and, thanks to some hefty winds this winter, there might be a few broken tree branches that could be posing as a safety threat to passersby, and need some tender loving care. 

More Than Just Curb Appeal

At this time of year, it’s normal for co-op and condo apartment buildings to be in less-than-gorgeous shape, but getting them ready for spring is about more than just making the building look pretty. A routine thorough spring cleaning, especially on the exterior of the building, directly affects the building’s bottom line. 

“Everybody has a choice where they are going to live,” says Neil Betoff of STAR Building Services in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. “People buy when they like what they see.”

A building that is easy on the eyes is said to have great ‘curb appeal,’ because it literally looks great from the curb. “Curb appeal is the first point of impression for any resident, guest, or potential buyer,” says Rolando Velazco of Clean Habitat Inc. - Building Maintenance and Handyman Services, a building services and janitorial firm based in the New York City area. “It conveys a strong sense of commitment from the property owners and becomes more appealing to buyers, which increases value in their new investment. Resident morale is positively impacted if the building looks appealing and well maintained and this also creates a good relationship between building staff and residents.”

When a prospective buyer or renter drives or walks up to a property, one of the first things they will notice is the landscaping. Green trees and bushes and colorful flowers will draw residents and visitors into the building; brown grass and dry, withered flowerbeds will turn them away. It’s natural for the grass to turn brown and dry during the winter, but now is the time to get rid of the winter landscaping doldrums and start help it look lush and healthy. 


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