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Board Operations Updating Your Documents
2020 April Updating Your Documents

The governing documents of a housing development—be it a cooperative, condominium, or homeowners association—spell out the rules, regulations, and policies that all unit owners or shareholders are obligated to follow as a condition of their…

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Board Operations Dealing With Coronavirus Exposure
Dealing With Coronavirus Exposure

The coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the tension between the rights of the community and the rights of individuals. For now, governments are relying on their inherent police power to protect the community at large. Centers for Disease C…

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Board Operations Vulnerable Residents
2016 December Vulnerable Residents

Whether we’re talking day-to-day safety or emergency planning, most multifamily buildings and HOAs have something on the books to address both standard operating procedures and things like alerts and evacuations. And that’s great if you’re …

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Board Operations Board Transition
2019 Winter Board Transition

Community associations are microcosms of democracy, run by an elected board of volunteers trusted to make good decisions on behalf of the community as a whole. Boards make the call on every large and small issue for their constituency. So i…

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Board Operations Why Am I Being  Deposed?
2019 Fall Why Am I Being Deposed?

The unit owners in your condominium have been noticed for deposition in the pending transition litigation. Now they have come to you, the property management team, with questions. What should they expect at the deposition? What kinds of que…

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Board Operations Fines and Penalties
2019 Fall Fines and Penalties

Community living comes with lots of rules and regulations – many of which are codified in largely static, hard-to-amend governing documents like proprietary leases and condominium declarations. Others are laid out in the more flexible conte…

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Board Operations Absent Owners
2019 Fall Absent Owners

Once upon a time, you usually greeted your neighbor in the hallway of your building as you’re coming or going. But lately you haven’t seen or heard a peep from her in almost two months. You wonder if she is okay.   So you ask the super one…

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Board Operations Conducting Better Meetings
2019 July Conducting Better Meetings

Residents in condo, co-op  and HOA communities are frequently quite busy. Boards consist of elected volunteers who nearly always have other jobs and lives. So while a professional management company can relieve much of the day-to-day operat…

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Board Operations Access to  Documents
2019 May Access to Documents

Living in a co-op, condo or community association can simplify a lot: maintenance issues that keep single-family homeowners up at night aren’t a concern for condo dwellers, and there may even be a door person or concierge to sign for packag…

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