Working With Your Landscape Architect Cultivating Success

The sun stays up a little longer, the breezes are warmer, and the flowers begin to bloom. The signs all point to the arrival of spring, when we can cast off the dreary grayness of winter and look forward to blissful summer days. It is the perfect time to create an outdoor environment that makes the most of the brighter seasons ahead and establishes a space that adds value to any co-op or condo building or community.  

One way to achieve that is to work hand-in-hand with a skilled and inspired landscape architect who can take an idea and turn it into a green, lush reality. In order to achieve those optimal results, it’s important for board members, committee members, and managers to establish a strong, productive relationship with their landscape architect – and there are a number of ways to make that happen. 

The Process

The first step in finding a landscape architect that can best meet the needs of a particular co-op or condo is for the board or landscape committee to look at a broad range of candidates. 

“To start, the board should ensure that any architect, designer, or contractor they are entertaining to hire is qualified and has completed a project of that magnitude before,” says Peter Zuccarello of QG Floral & Landscape, based in Whitestone, New York. “Reviews and references from prior clients are very important and helpful to determine the [contractor’s] capabilities and the clients’ satisfaction with the finished product.” 

Mimi McKay, Owner and Founder of McKay Landscape Architects in Chicago, says that it is also vitally important to “find a landscape architect with practical experience working with volunteer boards, and who has program experience with similar types of projects. Also, know the size of the firm and who the board will be meeting with.” 


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