The Gym Debate More on Reopening - or Not - HOA Fitness Facilities

Condominium, HOA, and co-op boards are charged with the health and well-being of their communities, both physical and financial. Board service is also voluntary, which makes for a lot of unpaid labor in the best of times, and can feel downright thankless when things aren’t going so well. Like in a global pandemic, for example. What then should boards do - and what should fellow owners consider - when formulating or reviewing administrative decisions, particularly in a situation like the COVID-19 pandemic, when the welfare of all must be considered before the conveniences of some?

Caution vs Convenience

One of the many considerations homebuyers take into consideration when choosing between a private home or a residential community is the availability of amenities. Among the top sought-after amenities is a fitness center or gym. Sadly, as well as being popular amenities, gyms are also a flashpoint in the continuing pandemic thanks to interior environments where people are huffing, puffing, and sweating being very high-risk for spreading infection. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, governors in most if not all states imposed pause or shutdown orders on exercise facilities. These orders applied to private business and to community gyms alike, and were just that: orders. They were not a matter of choice - all gyms had to close, and fitness facilities in private condo, co-op, and HOA communities were subject to the same orders as the local Planet Fitness. But what about reopening? Is the relaxing of shutdown orders a voluntary or mandatory order?

Proceed with Caution

Chris Florio, an attorney with Stark & Stark, located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, says, “No, there is no requirement that condominium, co-op, or HOA boards reopen their fitness facilities. While governors’ orders closing gyms applied to associations, the reopening order doesn’t require them to reopen, because they’re private. In fact, public ones don’t have to reopen either. It’s their choice too. Reopening really has to do with protocols, if you can’t meet the protocols, don’t open.”

Careful Considerations

Of course, it’s possible that the non-board serving members of an association may disagree with the board’s decision, whether to open their gym or keep it closed. If so, what options are open to the membership to change the board’s decision? 


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