Exterior Cleaning Cleanliness and Curb Appeal

Home is where the heart is, sure – but it’s also where most of  any given owner or shareholder’s money is. For most people, their home represents their single biggest investment. And in a community association, both individual units and the entirety of the building or development will determine the owner’s return on investment (ROI). It’s not enough to ensure that everything is operational, though that is of course hugely important; it’s also important to consider the appearance of buildings, grounds, and other exterior elements. 

While many associations have an elaborate series of calendars spread across many an Excel sheet to govern year-round exterior maintenance routines, some manage to get by on reliable tactics, favorable weather, and good vibes.

“We’re pretty fortunate, as [exterior maintenance] is not really a major issue for us,” says Tom Taylor of Taylor Management Company in Whippany. “Besides the occasional power washing, there’s really not much that we need to do.”

Some associations have all the luck – but if yours is one that needs a little extra attention, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all surfaces are superficial. A clean, tidy facade is an indicator of overall good maintenance and management. After all, a building or association’s public face is the first thing that’s going to catch the eye of a would-be buyer. As such, board and management must be diligent, take regular stock of their surroundings, and plan as best they can for the unexpected—especially where inclement weather is concerned.

Routine Maintenance, Man 

Having a set schedule for walking the property and taking note of anything that looks askew is the easiest way to avoid more complicated – and ultimately costly – clean-up and repair jobs. 


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