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Management Management in Crisis:
2021 March Management in Crisis:

The day-to-day life of a property manager—while not quite as predictable as that of, say, an accountant—does revolve around certain cyclical tasks, like building inspections, staff meetings, and keeping boards informed of what is going on w…

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Management Managing Conflict
2020 Winter Managing Conflict

One of the unique aspects of life in a co-op or condo is that a building or HOA is in many ways a microcosm of the larger world outside. It can suffer from the same factionalism and partisan bickering as any political entity, only on a much…

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Management Managing a Distressed Property
Managing a Distressed Property

Despite the best intentions of board members, residents, and even managers, co-op and condominium properties don’t always run like well-tuned machines. Sometimes they hit a bump in the road...and sometimes they break down completely. The re…

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Management Community Meetings in the Time of COVID
Fall 2020 Community Meetings in the Time of COVID

Social distancing, lockdowns, quarantine, remote work, distance learning—all new terms to most of us just a few months ago—have not just entered our everyday vocabularies; they have changed the way we live our everyday lives. In a time when…

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Management Supporting Essential Building Workers
Fall 2020 Supporting Essential Building Workers

While residents of condos, co-ops, and HOAs do their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by staying in their homes as much as they can, they rely on the supers, porters, valets, doorpeople, janitorial workers, handymen and -women, securi…

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Management Staff Safety 101
2020 June Staff Safety 101

With few exceptions, most multifamily buildings or communities have at least one or two staff members (and sometimes many more) who maintain the safety, security, cleanliness, mechanical operations, and day-to-day functions that residents a…

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Management Avoiding Professional Burnout
2020 June Avoiding Professional Burnout

The duties of a property manager are multiple and multifaceted. Starting the day before dawn, and remaining on-call throughout the night and even on weekends, managers have to deal with a dizzying array of duties—everything from the physica…

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Management Managing Deliveries
2020 June Managing Deliveries

While there are strong arguments to be made about the less-than-great impact the internet has had on our lives and the world, few would disagree that it's made a lot of things a whole lot more accessible to a lot more people—especially at t…

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