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Buying & Selling NMHC: April Apartment Market Weak
NMHC: April Apartment Market Weak

Shocking absolutely no one, the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC)'s recently-released Quarterly Survey of Apartment Market Conditions for April 2020 shows unit sales and other indicators slumping as the residential real estate ind…

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Buying & Selling Rules of Disclosure
2017 February Rules of Disclosure

Home sales rarely if ever happen sight-unseen, and condominium and cooperative units are no exception. When purchasing a lived-in space from its previous owner, a buyer may expect to receive certain pertinent information that could impact t…

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Buying & Selling How Home Staging Can Help Sell Your Home
2004 Jun How Home Staging Can Help Sell Your Home

In theater, film and television, a set designer is a vital artistic component for a successful production. He or she designs a set that generates a specific mood or atmosphere and hopefully—if the job is done properly—the audience will e…

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