The Cooperator Events presents: Are You Covered? - Understanding the Pandemic's Insurance Coverage Implications A Virtual Town Hall Sponsored by JGS Insurance

The Cooperator Events presents a virtual town hall sponsored by JGS Insurance Tuesday June 23, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Are You Covered? - Understanding the Pandemic's Insurance Coverage Implications


Many boards are unaware that their insurance coverage is not designed to respond to claims arising out of a pandemic or other public health emergency. Directors and Officers and General Liability policies both often contain exclusions that could leave associations holding the bag in the event of health-related claims. With residents eager for a return to normalcy and the reopening of shared amenities, it's crucial for boards to understand the nature and extent of their exposures, as well as the limitations of their communities' insurance coverage. This panel of experts will address those concerns, outline concrete ways to limit risks and avoid financial catastrophe, and discuss signage, face covering requirements, limiting capacity in common areas - and even whether to open common areas at all.


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