A Town on the Edge Edgewater, New Jersey

Nestled on three and a half miles on the Hudson River at the foot of the Palisades, Edgewater borough is a small nugget of New Jersey’s Gold Coast. With a growing, young population looking for proximity to Manhattan, as well as a community they can call their own; Edgewater is widely considered one of Northern New Jersey’s hot spots.

It wasn’t always this way. Lois Fein, a Realtor with Classic Realty Group in Fort Lee and a former member of Edgewater’s council and zoning board, says that when she first moved to Edgewater in 1984, there was little more to the place than old railroad tracks, factories and construction yards.

“It was an old industrial community with its fabulous waterfront location,” she says. So she ran for office, determined to help turn Edgewater into the thriving community it is today with some homes worth in excess of $1 million. “I said somebody has to do it. So I jumped in and said, ‘OK, if I’m going to live here I want to make it special.’”

Making Strides

But when she moved there, even finding a place to buy food was a challenge, since a Japanese supermarket was the only option.

“I had to go to a different community,” Fein says. “When I first moved here, if you said you lived in Edgewater, they said, ‘Where is that?’ Edgewater was not on the map.”


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  • I went to the Japanese Marketplace a while ago.The restaurant places had plastic models of the different types of food choices on the windows.The Market is a great place to spend some time and money.Would enjoy going back again soon.