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NJCOOPERATOR.COM  THE NEW JERSEY COOPERATOR —  JANUARY 2019    3  COMING UP  IN THE NEW JERSEY COOPERATOR  Publisher  Yale Robbins  Executive Vice President  Henry Robbins  Associate Publisher  Joanna DiPaola  Senior Editor  Hannah Fons  Associate Editors  David Chiu  Pat Gale  Staff Writers  Michael Odenthal  Alan J. Sidransky  Art Director  Shirly Korchak  Production Manager  Aetna Dowst  Traffi c Coordinator  Victor Marcos  Vice President   of Advertising  Tom Christmann  Advertising Directors  Fred Marks  Rick Levin  Peter Chase    The New Jersey Cooperator is published   monthly   by Yale Robbins Publications, LLC,   205 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016,   (212) 683-5700. President: Yale Robbins,   Executive Vice President: Henry Robbins.   Subscriptions are available free by   request to  co-op and condo board   members and homeowner associations.   POSTMASTER: Send address changes to  The New Jersey Cooperator,   205 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016.   ©Yale Robbins Publications, LLC 2019.   All rights reserved. Application to mail Periodicals   postage rates is pending at New York NY.  FREE Subscriptions for Board Members,   Property Managers and Real Estate Decision Makers.  To Subscribe, please visit us at:  `  February   Board Relationships  March   Exterior Maintenance  April   Landscaping & Lawn Care/Expo Issue  May   Recreational Amenities & Programs  June   Law & Legislation  July   Budget & Finance  August   Insurance/Board Training  DEPARTMENTS:  4    PULSE/CALENDAR   5    LEGAL Q&A   19    MARKETPLACE  TABLE OF CONTENTS  THIS MONTH’S FOCUS: MANAGEMENT  ADDRESSING MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS  By Mike Odenthal  Most  of  the  time,  when  a  problem  arises  in  a  multifamily  building  or  community   association, the go-to solution is to get management on the phone (or text, or email).   Th  e refrain usually goes something like: “Management will take care of it!” “Th  ey’ve   seen this a million times!” “What can’t they handle?!”   8  6  RUNNING SMALL ASSOCIATIONS   By A.J. Sidransky  Condominium associations come in all sizes and shapes. Th  ey can contain hundreds   of units, or as few as two. While many of the issues faced by associations are universal   regardless of size, small condominium associations do face some unique challenges that   set them apart from their larger cousins. Th  ose challenges touch all aspects of life in   these communities, from legal to management to social issues.  NON-RESIDENT BOARD MEMBERS  By Mike Odenthal  An individual’s interest in their community association is rarely solely fi nancial. In most   cases, a building or HOA is also that individual’s home. And as such, they’re motivated to   contribute positively to its quality of life, neighborhood congeniality, and aesthetics – just   to name a few factors that make a place somewhere people love to live. For that reason,   most of the people who volunteer to serve on their association board are full-time resi-  dents of said association.   10  BOARD OPERATIONS: WELCOME ABOARD   By Mike Odenthal  Little in life is more nerve wracking than that fi rst day on a new job: ‘Are you prepared to   do this?’ ‘Are you even qualifi ed to do this?’ ‘Is your shirt buttoned correctly?’ ‘It is, right?’   ‘Why does it look wrong?’ ‘Should you change your shirt?’   14  MAINTENANCE: SOUNDPROOFING  By A.J. Sidransky  Do you remember when you were a kid that the closest thing you had to a cell phone at the   time was two cups with a string tautly attached between them, and then speaking into one   cup to see if your friend holding the other could hear you? Th  at long-ago game worked   because sound travels along rigid pathways. If you let the string between the cups go slack,   the sound doesn’t travel. Th  at’s all you really need to know to understand soundproofi ng –   and you had already learned it in kindergarten.  12

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